What to blog about ..

I have always been stuck on what to blog about. Seeing as New York Fashion Week is steadily approaching, I think I’ll begin with that and roll from there.

My Love for Fashion

Ever since I was a little girl, my mother always mentioned how she yearned for a baby girl. She had already given birth to 3 boys and was ready for her girl. 5 Years later, I graced this world with my presence. She wanted to dress me in fru fru clothes and dresses and bows. I HATED it!! Fit after fit, I just wanted to be comfortable! My mother gave in, let me dress in jeans and shirts, but she never really gave up on me when it came to fashion. She surrounded me with magazines and faithfully watching E!’s red carpet specials. I was “chillin” at home, in jeans, on the couch and judging Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts’ choices.

“Eww, what was she thinking?”


“Okay, now that’s cute.”

And that brings me to today, lol, I like to watch fashion shows, cause let’s face it, I couldn’t afford to get in to one, much less, know how one even goes about getting into one. So that’ll bring together my mini obsession with fashion and a new journey of blogging.

What a way to get started.




Countdown to 30 Years (Young)

I’ll be 30 shortly and for a woman, that kinda sucks.

I can honestly say, life is a journey, that’s for sure! There have been so many lessons I’ve learned along the way, I’m very excited to hit this milestone. I figure, why not embrace it? We have no other choice.

9/11 marks my 30 years on this fine planet. :)

3 Years Later …

People empty me. I have to get away to refill.